Kitty Sink

Tell me more about this Kitty Sink thing

Kitty Sink Method

Being well aware that people often have Kitties that they’re not fond of, and as of this moment, there is not a Kitty Sink as such that people can send their Kitties to and receive a reward.

Because the aim of our site is to help new people into the game, as well as provide decent Kitties to those with a bit more experience but not much money, we developed a method where depending on your Kitty’s gen value, we will credit your account with Kitty Points that you can use to exchange for better Kitties. Kitties added to our Kitty Sink will be used to help attract new players of the game by reducing our costs, and therefore reducing the number of Kitty Points required for new players to gain their first Kitty.

Currently, any Kitty is accepted, and although we wanted ideally to do this solely on the blockchain, it’s currently a manual process – so may take up to 48 hours (once the gifting transaction is confirmed) to credit your account with the Kitty Points.

Currently, we will offer:
12,500 Kitty points for any Gen 0 Kitty
2,000 Kitty points for any Gen 1 Kitty
1,000 Kitty points for any Gens 2-3 Kitty
750 Kitty points for any Gen 4-10 Kitty
500 Kitty points for any Gen 10+ Kitty

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