Frequently Asked Questions

Really? Free CryptoKitties?

Yep, we’re really offering free CryptoKitties!

How, why? What’s the catch?

You can choose how you earn Kitty Points – For the Automatic Mode, we’re very upfront about utilising a small programme on that page of this site that uses some of your device’s processing power in order to help create a cryptocurrency that is then sold in order to cover the site’s costs.

For the Manual mode, all you need to do is watch videos, and click on the buttons that pop up every 75 – 100 seconds where you’ll be rewarded with Kitty Points that you can use to “purchase” Kitties from our store.

The Kitty Sink is another option to gain Kitty Points,

(once you’ve reached the kitty’s target price – see the store for each one’s price in Kitty points).

How long until I get my free kitty?

Pricing of kitties on this site are done in Kitty Points, and you receive 5 kitty points for watching a video in full, plus 20 points (through a form claim) every 2 minutes. Therefore you can potentially get 25 points every 2 minutes, divide the Kitty’s price by 12.5 to calculate how many long (in minutes) you will need to be on the site before you can claim a Kitty.

Once you claim the kitty (and only one person can claim each one), it may take up to 48 hours (although we aim to keep it well under that) before you receive the kitty.

How many Kitties are there?

Currently, if the site is popular and successful, we plan on breeding cats in order to keep topping up the available kitties in the store.

Tell me more about the thing that you’re doing when I’m on your site…

Basically, we use some of your computer’s spare CPU power to mine a cryptocurrency called Monero that is designed to be optimal for mining via normal computer (most cryptocurrencies require special hardware). The script will only work when you’re on our site, and whilst it might make your computer a little warmer and potentially slower than usual, you shouldn’t really be able to notice that anything’s happening! Any computer or device should be able to use the site.

What’s a CryptoKitty?

CryptoKitties are cute felines that live on the Ethereum blockchain. For more information see

Do I need any money or Ether?

In order to receive the Kitty that you chose, you will need to install MetMask on your browser (see and set up an account on the CryptoKitties website at Both of these can be done without the need for buying any ether. That said, the game is much more fun when you have some ether in your Metamask account to actually do some stuff, but we are – as far as we are currently aware – the only people publicly offering totally free CryptoKitties to everyone.

How do you offer the kitties for free? I thought there were transaction fees and stuff?

By allowing us to use a bit of your computer’s resources on the automatic mode, we hope to offset the majority of these costs. All you need is an account set up on Although the CryptoKitties site is mostly decentralised and runs as a graphic interface from the blockchain, our site is not currently, so any transactions will have to be manually checked and enacted. This means any purchase/redemption of CryptoKitties from this site may take up to 48 hours + transaction time to show up in your account on the CryptoKitty site.